Chimes of Freedom

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“Chimes of Freedom” is Pat Guadagno on vocals and acoustic guitar; and Alex Jenkins on contra bass.

The video was filmed at ‘The Church’ of Tuli & Tommy Granger.  It was directed by George McMorrow with assistance by Gregg Johnson and Mason Stelfox.  This version of the song is presented in a flowing, emotionally resonant manner, which results in an excellent interpretation of a classic song.  Any person taking on the task of covering a Dylan song can’t imitate it too closely for fear of sounding pale, and Pat Guadagno has successfully placed a warm spin on the song, bringing it a lovely and poignant freshness.

Every verse of this song speaks to someone. From the “Warrior whose Strength is not to Fight,” to the “Lonesome Hearted Lover with too Personal a Tale,” to “Each Unharmful Gentle Soul misplaced inside a Jail.”

We chose ‘The Church’ to film this video because it’s where Tommy G takes old cars and motorcycles to make them whole again. It works on old Folksingers too.  — Pat Guadagno