Celebrate the music of Bob Dylan, on the eve of his 78th birthday when New Jersey’s Hippest Musical Event returns from a sold out West Coast tour to ‘shake the windows and rattle the walls’ of the Count Basie Theatre, as Pat Guadagno performs the critically acclaimed Blood on the Tracks.

Released in 1975 amidst a deluge of important new singer-songwriters, each one hailed by pundits as ‘the Next Bob Dylan’, the Rock & Roll Poet Laureate’s emotionally charged 15th album, would assure us there will never be another Bob Dylan.  Pat Guadagno, and his all-Star band, Tired Horses deliver Dylan’s moody, epic in its entirety, with a passion and reverence befitting the Nobel Prize winner.  Lots of surprises plus Big Joe Henry from NJ 101.5  TICKETS

Bobfest May 23 2019

Vin Scelsa Talks about BobFest