The New York Times
“The well-traveled troubadour surprises listeners with unfamiliar songs he has carried home the road …The musical journey is always an unpredictable ride” – CLICK HERE to Read The New York Times Article Featuring Pat Guadagno…


Acoustic Guitar World
“From raucous, invigorated strumming to tender finger-picking a showcase of Guadagno’s mastery of the acoustic guitar.”                                                                                               “What sets him apart is his refusal to perform the covers in anything resembling their original style, and his effortless intuitiveness gives them new meanings.”

New Jersey Material
The tracks are filled with riveting guitar licks and intriguing lyrics to capture and captivate a youthful ear while vocally bridging the gap between present and past, the young at heart and the old soul, with musical narratives that are brought to life in a raw, rootsy production. All in all, NEW JERSEY MATERIAL is truly timeless.

That’s a Bob Dylan Song  –  A magical, powerful, honorable tribute to Rock & Roll legend Bob Dylan. ~ BIG Joe Henry NJ 101.5FM                                                                                                  Talk about breathing new life into old chestnuts …This is Big Time. ~ Vin Scelsa – Idiots Delight


Live at the City Lights Saloon
The beauty of this recording compels you the first time you hear it. It seeps down deep and awakens that part of you that’s gone dormant, waiting for music this good”~ Brian Kirk – Night & Day                                                                                                                                               A Beautiful Album….among the best Live Recordings I’ve ever Heard. ~ Tony Omer – Martha’s Vineyard Times
One of the top ten releases of this or any other year. Live at the City Lights Saloon is pure magic”