The Heart of Saturday Night

the music of TOM WAITS

September 24, 2022

8:00 PM

400 Cedar Ave, West Long Branch, NJ

Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University

Come Schemers and Dancers, Orphans, and Brawlers!

Blues, Jazz, Rock Diva Eryn O’Ree and Shady Street Showman Ryan Gregg,  join Pat Guadagno to celebrate the Head-Scratching, Mind-Bending, Brilliance of Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tom Waits. 

In a career spanning 6 decades, Grammy Award winner Tom Waits recorded over 30 groundbreaking albums. His prolific catalogue, with theatrical tales of bungled romance, late night diners and early morning cold fronts sets the stage for a unique evening, as Pat Guadagno and  Small Change deliver the Blood and Whiskey-Stained music of one of the most deviant and provocative artists of our time .

The Music of Tom Waits ‘cuts through the night like a Cleveland-bound Greyhound’ straight to The Heart of Saturday Night.